Anhui I-Sourcing International Co., Ltd.


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iSuo Chem is the manufacturer and exporter of special effect pigment. We are experienced and active in coating & printing industry over 15 years. We help people to live beautifully and fashionably by developing innovative pigment, new technology and new materials. Our production base has over 100 workers and can produce 5000MT pearl pigment and 2000MT glitter powder annually.


We have international R&D center and advanced labs in Europe and USA. We aim to be the fashion leader of effect pigment in the world. We help our customers to upgrade their product, add their product values and make their product more competitive and distinctive.


Main Categories

गर्म उत्पादों
गर्म उत्पादों
$4.48 - $5.52/किलोग्राम
100.0 किलोग्राम(Min. Order)